“Japan’s No.1 Oil Company”

With over 130 years of industry expertise,
ENEOS Corporation owns and operates over 12,277 ENEOS service stations across Japan.

As the largest oil company in Japan, ENEOS Corporation has been strategically developing and manufacturing highest quality products using advanced additives and base oil technology attained through joint engineering and research collaborations with all of the top Japanese automotive manufacturers.

ENEOS provides the best solution or superior lubricants in a wide variety of applicants including passenger car, motorcycles and more.

ENEOS brand mark represents of “Energy” in symbolic form, the globe in the centre represents “Reliability” and “Continuity”, while the outward spreading spiral symbolises “Creativity” and “Innovation”.


Petroleum Products and Lubricants

Petroleum Products and Lubricants is the National Distributor of ENEOS Motor Oil in Bangladesh. They have gradually introduced the ENEOS brand in the country. Now they have more than 500 dealers and retailers across the length and breadth of the country covering the segments of Motorcycle Oil, Passenger Car Motor Oil, Industrial Oil etc. They have a customer base which is growing day by day through a very efficient marketing strategy and plan with active support from ENEOS. EASIA is planning to further enhance the presence of ENEOS brand in Bangladesh.


Rupsha Tower, House No. 07, Flat No. 12/C (12th Floor), Road No. 17, Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213
Phone: 09611 677 817
Email: sales@eneosbd.com

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Japan's No.1 Oil Company | ENEOS

Japan's No.1 Oil Company | ENEOS

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